A quick run-down of my process: I use a nail wipe to cleanse the nail with a cleanser of 3 parts 91% alcohol to 1 part pure acetone. . I love the way it lathers, it’s very creamy - it’s not as foamy as their Good Morning PH cleanser. Tried it again a month later and still the same.

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r/Nails • I bought all the stuff to do my own hard gel nails and this was my first attempt.

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How can I fix lumpy gel polish.

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How can I fix lumpy gel polish. ago.

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No cleanser, No problem! So I got my first even gel nail kit from amazon, and it didn’t include a topcoat cleanser to get rid of that sticky layer.

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Will i get the same allergic reaction if i go have it done at the salon? Am I just permanently allergic to gel nails and extensions?. u/TheFluffyPen got the acetone and nail oil bit, right; you can use little orange sticks. 5. 5 (85) $5299 ($52. . The first go-round the gel often isn't completely falling off my fingers; I may be a little impatient, and others might wait until it does.

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No, this site is for supporting PROFESSIONAL Nail techs, who have begun or completed their basic training.

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A cotton pad soaked in Lysol, or perfume, or hand sanitizer, can be used to remove the gel residue.

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I file the free edge with a 180 file, then buff the shine off the nail plate with a fine buffer.

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r/NailArt • Here’s an assorted dump (of nails) that I have done within the past two months.

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